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Standard Error Proof® Software

Freedom Technologies is a “One Stop Shop” for manufacturer’s data collection and labeling requirements through our turn-key automated data collection solutions. Freedom’s flagship application Error Proof® is configurable software for monitoring, managing, and controlling shop floor data collection. With a powerful group of WIP tracking, label printing and production information capture functions; Error Proof® eliminates errors in receiving, production, and shipping activities. Error Proof® can be a simple data collection system or configured to be a full MES solution.

Host Manager

The Host Interface Module links Freedom Error Proof with market-leading ERP and EDI systems. A specific interface module is required for each type of external ERP or EDI system.

Transaction Modules (Requires Host and Standard Software)


Shipping Module
Picking Module
Labor Distribution
Time and Attendance
Work Order Reporting
Backflush & Modified Backflush
Cycle Counting
Physical Inventory Tag Entry
Return To Stock
Unplanned Issues/Receipts
Distribution Order Shipments and Receipts
Purchase Order Receipts
Receiving Inspection (Skip Lot) – Requires Error Proof Receiving
ASN Receiving – Requires Error Proof Receiving
Error Proof® Device Support Module
Error Proof® Machine Line Charge
Error Proof® Disposable Kanban
WIP Label - Serialization & Tracking
Rework Transaction
Shop Floor Monitoring
Scrap Transaction
SubContract Shipping
Work Cell Production Reporting

*Additional Transactions Available

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