Freedom Technologies Picking/Shipping Module

Freedom Technologies simplifies your picking and shipping activities with our Pick/Ship module, created to integrate with the online services of the most commonly used shipping companies in the world. Based on a sales order, our Pick/Ship module provides a full screen application that displays open orders, and the demand against them as well as pertinent shipping information such as customer name, ship to, number of line items, etc. Once the pick list is created, ID Advantage creates a report detailing the items to be picked, along with their required quantities and locations. Additionally, ID Advantage streamlines the picking process by arranging the items in the most logical walk order on the shop floor.

Throughout the picking process, ID Advantage automatically creates a transfer transaction, moving the items picked from their current bin location to a temporary pick location, until the pick list is closed. If an item is unavailable, a backorder is automatically created, making it available to pick against in the future.

Shipping via UPS, FedEx or LTL is facilitated by simply scanning the pick list number, and ID Advantage pulls in all of the necessary information from the attached sales order. When using LTL, ID Advantage prints the packing slip and any necessary shipping documents. When shipping with UPS or FedEx, ID Advantage allows you to request rate quotes from both carriers allowing you to make the most informed shipping choice. ID Advantage will then interact with UPS or FedEx to receive the necessary code to print your own shipping labels.

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