Error Proof® Overview

ERP System Interfaces

Error Proof® is transaction support for many ERP systems. Error Proof® provides automated data collection entries including RF barcode scanners, scales and any other input device that is tied to ERP transactional support. Host interfaces are available for various ERP Systems. Most transactions are supported including receiving, transfers, unplanned issues, work order transactions, repetitive transactions, shipping and many others.

HMI/Process Monitoring Visualization

Provides a scheduler for the shop floor. The HMI/Process Monitoring Visualization module generates automated shop floor schedules, and verifies production against the schedules. Schedules automatically adjust for scrap and rework, and update as production occurs. Capabilities include line sequencing for sequenced parts, integration to supplier schedules and MRP interfaces.

Machine Line Control

Provides functionality to tie directly to most shop floor devices electronically. Error Proof® can analyze inputs from shop floor devices also, based on a flexible set of rules, Error Proof can output data back to the device or to another device such as another PLC, light tree or monitor. EP supports most shop floor devices including, direct part marking devices, scales, RF devices, touch screens and monitors, RS 232 devices, I/P devices, and OPC device support.


One of the key components of error proofing is to begin the production process with a schedule and verify that the correct parts are being produced, packaged and shipped. Error Proof® Scheduling displays the production schedule to the operator, which can also be utilized for input to PLC's on the production line. Inputs to the scheduler can be ILVS (sequenced parts), 862's (daily/hourly requirements), MRP or any other data source. The schedule is automatically updated as production occurs, including adjustments for scrap and rework.

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