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Manufacturers in the supply chain today face unprecedented pressures: cost reduction demands from customers, intense competition from offshore competitors and zero-defect quality expectations from customers. Customers in the supply chain expect nothing less than 100% quality in parts placed in containers, labeled correctly and delivered just-in-time. On top of this, new government mandates are forcing manufacturers to maintain complete recall traceability systems for their products and OEM customers are placing the burden of warranty costs on suppliers. In short, the cost of quality nonconformance is increasing. Poorly performing suppliers are more likely to lose business to other suppliers. Customers in the supply chain are now charging incurred costs for nonconforming shipments back to their suppliers. Furthermore, nonconforming suppliers can now face 100% of the sorting requirements from their customers after just one "quality incident" until they prove to their customers that they have improved quality conformance. How can the manufacturing community change its practices to conform to supply chain customers’ standards? This is a key challenge faced today by all suppliers. There is a solution to the problem, the Freedom Technologies’ Error Proof® system.

Another key factor manufacturer’s face today is Product Traceability - from Government requirements like the TREAD Act to product recalls – companies today need the information regarding when each particular part was produced.

The ability to identify each part or assembly at the work cell ensures proper production and provides validation to the manufacturer. This also demonstrates that the correct test procedures and quality checks have been completed in the proper sequence. A typical 1D bar code cannot hold enough data to properly ensure that each part has its own serial number. That’s where today’s new marking techniques come into play.


Direct Part Mark
2D Bar Code Label
2D Perishable Tooling

However, marking the part is only a portion of the traceability equation, retaining this data is the key. That’s where Freedom Technologies’ Error Proof® system delivers. Error Proof® is designed to handle this critical part information and marry it with its own serial number, date/time stamp or other information such as operator, shift or work cell. This information, in itself, creates a traceability log allowing you to keep track of each and every part you produce. In the event of a product recall or a defect, you will now have the information needed to determine which specific pieces, produced on certain dates or shifts need to be recalled, rather than entire product run.

Freedom Technologies offers numerous application modules to help customers with their traceability needs; from EP WIP Tracking, EP Disposable Kanban, EP Shop Floor Scheduling, EP Sequence (shipping only) and to EP Sequence (shipping and scheduling) just to name a few.

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