Error Proof MES maintains required as-built electronic audit trail of all manufacturing activity plus electronic approval and verified data collection
Error Proof MES offers cradle-to-grave tracking and visibility of data for those who make, store, or move items through the supply chain
Paperless manufacturing with Error Proof Manufacturing Execution System helps to reduce scrap and eliminates paperwork errors and redundant checks
Data collected can be used in production output calculations, inventory control, revenue forecasting, warranty, repair, service and support solutions
Track production details, collect transactions for reporting to any system while electronically dispatching work instructions and documents to shop floor
Freedom provides error-proofing to systematically enforce that products are made right the first time and every time through paperless manufacturing


Freedom Technologies provides expert identification, tracking, and data management solutions for Automotive, Government, Aerospace, Industrial, Medical and Food & Beverage industries. Since 1991, Freedom has been a leader in the Automotive industry through innovative error proofing solutions that integrate to cameras, PLC’s, vision systems, scales and other data collection devices. Through our integration, data is retained from these systems by Freedom Technologies application to provide traceability to the item level.

Our customers appreciate that Freedom's software can be implemented in various degrees from a simple data collection solution to a full blown Manufacturing Execution System (MES) interfaced to QAD, SAP, Oracle, and many other ERP systems. In conjunction with our applications, Freedom Technologies offers direct part mark/UID readers, vision verification systems, lasers and RFID solutions.

Freedom Technologies has hundreds of Government, Aerospace, Industrial, Medical and Food & Beverage customers utilizing its’ Data Collection, IUID, MES, and Warehouse Management applications and is considered the leader in identification, tracking, and data management solutions.


Manufacturers in the supply chain today face unprecedented pressures: cost reduction demands from customers, intense competition from offshore competitors and zero-defect quality expectations from customers.
Customers in the supply chain expect nothing less than 100% quality in parts placed in containers, labeled correctly and delivered just-in-time.....Read More »

QAD Solutions

Freedom Technologies has been a QAD Product Partner since 1998, offering QAD customers the ability to leverage their QAD investment while extending their manufacturing operations.
Error Proof® can be implemented in various degrees; from uncomplicated PO Receipt, Transfers, WIP tracking, etc., to QAD Enterprise Applications integrated solution.....Read More »

Honda MPR Compliance

If your company has been tasked with complying to the Honda Minimum Process Requirements (MPR) and want to know how to implement MPR, we have provided an instructional video on what is required.....Read More »


Error Proof® works as a complete manufacturing execution solution (MES) offering a suite of functions that utilize the data collected from the shop floor and is capable of working at the item level. Error Proof® interfaces to a wide variety of shop floor controls such as machines, programmable logic controls (PLCs), vision systems and many others to collect data from.....Read More »

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