Honda Minimum Process Requirements (MPR)

Frustrated trying to meet Honda’s Minimum Process Requirements (MPR)? Freedom
Technologies has a turn key solution to allow you to meet or exceed Honda’s MPR.

Freedom’s Error Proof software has been around since the early 1990’s helping suppliers conform to OEM requirements for Label Error Proofing, Traceability and Quality Requirements.

Error Proof’s Honda Minimum Process Requirements (MPR) Solution for New Product Suppliers:

  • Insure Pre Production Error Proofing
  • Scheduling, Inventory Accuracy, Adherance to Procedures, etc.
  • Insure Error Proofed Process Setup
  • Correct Tooling, Change Overs, Machine Setup, Part Identification, OEE, etc.
  • Insure Production Error Proofing
  • Correct Builds, Process Error Proofing, Part Identification, etc.
  • Error Proof Packing and Labeling
  • Count to Container, Earn-a-label, Hard Stops on Errors, etc.

In addition, Freedom’s Error Proof solution can be expanded into a full Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with a direct interface to most Corporate ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, Visual Manufacturing, Plex On Line and many others.

If your company has been tasked with complying to the Honda Minimum Process Requirements (MPR) and want to know how to implement MPR, we have provided an instructional video on what is required and how to comply at the link below.

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