Freedom Technologies Ford Label Certification

For error free shipping labels, Ford Motor Company suppliers can submit their shipping labels to Freedom Technologies to have them certified and validated. Freedom Technologies will certify that the labels are correct per Ford Motor Company shipping label standards and will maintain a database for every supplier with their labels' certification results.

Certification Process:

Suppliers will need to submit a sample shipping label directly to Freedom Technologies accompanied by a check or credit card payment in the amount of $50 for each label to be certified (first submission), re-submissions are $25 per label. Simply download and complete the Supplier Label Certification Order Form and submit it with the labels you would like Freedom Technologies to certify.

Verifying the Label:

Freedom will verify the barcodes on the label using a bar code verifier for all 1D codes and the PDF 417 code per the Ford Label Quality Specification standard.

Freedom will ensure:

  • Correct size per Ford standards.
  • Correct font size is used in all text fields.
  • Proper aspect ratio is used in PDF417 bar code.
  • Proper data formatting within a PDF417 bar code.
  • Correct placement of the barcodes on the label.

Validation of Data:

  • Freedom will validate that all the PDF417 label data is per Ford and AIAG standards.
  • Freedom will validate that all data in 1D codes are correct per Ford standard.

Label Certification:

  • Validation passes: Supplier receives a letter of compliance.
  • Validation fails: Supplier receives a letter of non-compliance, recommendations to correct the areas of failure and a resubmission order form to submit new label to Freedom Technologies.


  • Freedom will maintain a Ford Supplier Shipping Label database for each supplier.
  • A copy of each suppliers label will be secured and saved in the file.


  • Freedom can assist suppliers in correcting deficiencies in label requirements at an additional charge.
  • Turn around time is within two weeks.


Freedom Technologies also recommends that label certification be obtained for every supplier printer that could print a Ford label to assure that the correct quality guidelines are adhered to. Once your label design has passed certification based on the standards set forth, we cannot guarantee future labels will be within specification. A regular maintenance program should be adhered to for all bar code and printing equipment.

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