Error Proof® FAQs

Q. What is Error Proof?

A. Error Proof is Freedom Technologies' verification & validation solution that monitors and controls shop floor operations. With a powerful group of WIP tracking, label printing & production information capture functions, Error Proof eliminates errors in receiving, production & shipping activities.

Q. How is Error Proof different from other data collection, labeling & production tracking products?

A. Error Proof is unique from traditional systems because it was developed with user configuration functionality as its design cornerstone. Nearly every function within Error Proof is configurable with respect to determining which data is processed and how it is handled. Error Proof was designed with open flexibility regarding processes such as assembly line configurations, external interfaces, data collection requirements, & part/container labeling requirements. Therefore, custom programming isn't required to implement an Error Proof system.

Q. What type of verification & validation functions does Error Proof perform?

A. Error Proof detects and responds to many error conditions. Typical validation & verification functions ensure that:
  • The right parts are used.
  • The parts are installed in the right order.
  • The right part/container label is applied.

Q. What information can Error Proof capture from my manufacturing process?

A. Error Proof captures a wealth of information from both manual entry & automated data sources including:
  • Lot/Serial numbers from assembly components
  • Lot/Serial numbers from final assemblies
  • Test result data from automatic test systems
  • Data points (temp, pressure, torque flow rate, etc.)
  • Event time and date stamping

Q. Can Error Proof fulfill the labeling requirements for my receiving, production & shipping areas?

A. Error Proof can be configured to produce labels at any point within the production process. The user can design any type of label, and the labels can be used for part tracking, counting & identification, container labeling & shipping verification.

Q. How can I eliminate shipping errors, such as wrong parts, wrong labels, & incorrect label feedback?

A. PLC set-up or other part verification info can be used to identify correct parts & container labeling. By using a generic label & re-labeling with verification, we can confirm that correct container & shipping info is delivered back to each customer. Error Proof verifies & maintains that only correct parts/labels are shipped.

Q. Can Error Proof exchange information with my ERP solution?

A. Error Proof interfaces to all ERP systems.

Q. What devices does Error Proof use to exchange information?

A. Error Proof uses PLC's, scanners, printers, vision systems, scales, RF tag systems, RF hand-held devices, CNC's, records, files, buffers, display & paging systems, all RS232 connectible devices and distributed I/O sub-systems to exchange information.

Q. Can Error Proof track WIP by individual parts/containers?

A. Error Proof tracks individual parts via part/container serialization coupled with barcode label printing. The serial number serves as a unique identifier for each part or container, and by scanning the serial number at key points during assembly, WIP tracking and genealogy are achieved.

Q. Can Error Proof be customized to meet my plant floor naming conventions and nomenclature?

A. Because user prompts are configurable elements in Error Proof , each prompt can be customized to match your naming conventions. This feature allows for foreign language support as well.

Q. What services does Freedom provide when implementing an Error Proof system?

A. To ensure a successful Error Proof implementation, Freedom provides the following professional services:
  • Requirements analysis
  • Hardware configuration, procurement & setup
  • Software installation & configuration
  • Startup assistance & Training
  • Warranty support
  • Annual maintenance contracts

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