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Freedom Technologies Corporation formed in 1991, has provided hundreds of companies with automated data collection and error proofing solutions through the use of Error Proof®, Freedom Technologies' labeling, verification and validation solution that monitors and controls shop floor operations. Freedom Technologies is the Automotive Industry Leader in Error Proofing Software.

Realizing that Error prevention is vastly superior to expensive product recalls, Freedom Technologies' solutions focus on elimination of errors before they occur.

Error Proof®, provides 100% control for specific shop floor needs with a powerful group of electronic shop floor interfaces: WIP tracking, Label Printing, Production Information Capture, and ERP Interface Functions.

Freedom Technologies is renowned for its capabilities to eliminate "containment issues" relating to shipping errors, labeling errors and quality errors together with lot control data retention as required by the Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability, and Documentation (TREAD) Act.

The management team of Freedom is comprised of shop floor integration specialists with close ties to the automotive and other manufacturing industries.

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