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Freedom Technologies Tool Tracking Solution

Has your company been experiencing lost or missing tooling resulting in unnecessary replacement expense and down time costs? Freedom Technologies Tool Tracking Solutions can track your tools and save your company money.

Freedom Technologies Tool Tracking Solution is a traceability solution that starts with a UID 2D data matrix on each piece of tooling. Depending on the level of traceability needed, Freedom can track parts to the item level. Freedom can also recommend the best type of label material for the environment to ensure lifelong traceability.

Initially, each piece of tooling will be labeled with UID 2D data matrix and human readable code. The operator will then key in the tooling serial numbers into the ID ADVANTAGE™ database. Then the operator scans the UID 2D code and places the tooling to its proper location in the crib. Once the database is set up, your company can start to track the tools.

When checking out tools, a worker goes to the crib with an existing bar coded work order, which is captured in the Freedom's ID ADVANTAGE™ software. The work order tells the crib attendant which tools are necessary for the job. The crib attendant then scans the work order number into an issue screen and will then scan worker’s badge. Next, the crib attendant scans each tooling barcode that will be issued to the worker for that job. Once all the tools have then been issued to worker, all transactions are kept in the Freedom database and are marked as “issued to work” (change of custody).

Once the worker has completed the job, the tools are returned to crib. The crib attendant scans the work order and looks up the tools that were issued for that work order. The crib attendant then scans each tool to receive back into crib, inspects the tool for damage and then scans it back in into its original location. Freedom software validates that each tool is returned. If a tool is missing, Freedom will alert the crib operator.

Freedoms software can then generate reports to summarize all issues and receipts by work order or worker. Freedoms software is also capable of generating a range of reports including current inventory of tools and custody information.

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