Freedom Technologies QAD

Freedom Technologies has been a QAD Product Partner since 1998, offering QAD customers the ability to leverage their QAD investment while extending their manufacturing operations. 

Error Proof® can be implemented in various degrees; from uncomplicated PO Receipt, Transfers, WIP tracking, etc., to a QAD Enterprise Applications integrated solution throughout a manufacturing company.  Additionally, Freedom Technologies’ Error Proof® software applications are designed for monitoring, managing and controlling production line operations plus ensuring the accuracy of the manufacturing and shipping procedures.

Production line management tasks performed by Error Proof® MES include, but are not limited to: Resource Allocation and Status, Dispatching Production Units, Data Collection/Acquisition, Labor Management, Quality Management, Process Management, Product Tracking and Genealogy and Performance Analysis.

With Error Proof® MES integrated to QAD Enterprise Applications customers experience a marked increase in productivity and a reduction of errors that hinder production time and expend valuable materials.

With Error Proof®, the solution selected today to meet simple data collection needs can grow and become more complex as a company’s requirements mature.

Freedom Technologies is an active member of QAD User Groups across the country including MWUG and SEUG.