Freedom Technologies QAD Serialization




Some of the benefits of using Error Proof®’s serialized bar coding:


Accurately report production in real time by scanning.

Automatically time study manufacturing times and efficiencies.

Provides for the capability to relieve raw materials quantities via discreet  method (actual) versus standard (calculated).

Automatic cycle counting and error proofing of each transaction.

Enables Lot Traceability – Links Raw to Finished.

Identify the current location of each tote or container in the plant and warehouses in real time.


Provides a real time update of what is available to ship and where it is located.


The ability to verify correct Customer Labels are applied to each container as they are packed for shipment.


Allows an audit trail of each container’s location, movement, process, disposition, quality tests or results, operation, or operator.


Place product on hold by serial number to prevent shipping non conforming parts.


Link raw material used to actual containers for lot trace ability.


Link serial number with operator and machine.