Cordless Direct Part Mark Readers

The DS3578 DPM Series Bluetooth Wireless industrial DPM/UID readers from Zebra Technologies uses digital signal processing (DSP) CCD imaging technology to accurately read laser, dot peen marked, chemical etch and other types of direct part markings at distances from 1” to 12” or more. In addition the DS3578 reads all types of two-dimensional (2D) and one-dimensional (1D) printed bar codes automatically.

The DS3578 DPM comes equipped with a charge-coupled device (CCD) image sensor and special direct part mark reading software, which allow it to more accurately capture and process DPM at speeds, angles and distances never before seen in a DPM/UID reader. With Zebra ’s patented variable focus technology, you are able to read DPM at ranges from 1" to over 12" automatically without refocusing. In addition, the DS3578 DPM’s omni-directional reading functionality lets operators quickly capture both DPM/UID marks and bar codes from any angle, eliminating the need to read DPM/UID straight on. The DS3578 DPM has the widest working range of any DPM Reader in its class. Its smart focus technology allows you to read DPM/UID marks and bar codes regardless of the size or density of the code from a variety of distances automatically. This means that this single device can work well for all your DPM/UID and barcode scanning needs.

Because the DS3578 DPM uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) CCD technology instead of cameras to read DPM/UID marks, the DS3578 DPM can easily distinguish and read very low contrast or poorly marked DPM/UID marks with ease. In addition the DS3578 DPM can read DPM/UID marks as tiny as 4 mil to more than 12 inches or more in size. The DS3578 DPM can read pin marked DPM/UID marks easily from angles as steep as 80 degree tilt away from perpendicular.